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A particularly good insight into my work and the little secrets is offered by a small film (just below), which I created together with my daughter.

Antje Kurz - Tourist Guide

Salzburg is unique – a cinematic insight into my work

Suggestions and tips for Salzburg

daily: Fairtours Salzburg – Individual Best Of
Salzburg’s guides offer a two-hour morning tour of Salzburg’s Old Town daily in German and English for a fair € 10 per person. This tour explores new paths and hidden squares of the city. Interested guests can get to know the city of Mozart from different perspectives, the main attractions are also included in this tour.
Guided tours start daily at 10 a.m. at the main entrance in front of Mirabell Palace. Registration not required.
Max. 9 people per group tour, please bring your own face mask!

29.03.2020: Ensemble BachWerkVokal “Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots (KV35)”
Ensemble Bach Werk Vokal Salzburg goes opera und wendet sich mit einer szenischen Produktion einem nicht ganz unbekannten Salzburger Komponisten zu. Seine erste Oper “Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots” schrieb “Wolferl” im Alter von nur 11 Jahren. Was für ein Genie dieser Mozart… Das gesamte Ensemble ist bereits voll motiviert bei der Arbeit und freut sich auf diese Premiere…
Bestellen Sie jetzt schon die Tickets für die Aufführung am 29.03. um 19.30 Uhr unter karten@bachwerkvokal.com oder 0699 188 77 870.
19:30 Uhr, Christuskirche Salzburg, Schwarzstraße 25, Salzburg

07. – 21.10.2020: Salzburger Kulturtage 2020
Wie lassen sich unterschiedliche Welten und Wesen der Musik miteinander verbinden? Sei es Oper und Mundart, Lieder und Puppenspiel, Musik und Kulinarik, Klassik und Improvisation, Saxophonquartett und Orchester. Die Salzburger Kulturtage 2020 präsentieren Programme und Formate, in denen eine solche Begegnung gelingt. Aufgeschlossene Musikliebhaber, Neugierige und bewusste Zuhörer werden beim Genuss dieser vielfältigen Klänge ihre Freude haben.
Mit SIGNUM saxophone quartet, Musicbanda Franui, Mozarteum Quartett, Janoska Ensemble, Giora Feidman Trio, Opern auf Bayrisch, Nikolaus Habjan, Filharmonie Brno, Mozarteumorchester Salzburg, Orchester der Salzburger Kulturvereinigung, Salzburger Chöre, Dennis Russell Davies, Helmut Zeilner, Aaron Pilsan und Roland Essl.

until 20.02.2020: The Rocky Horror Show
Richard O’Brien
By Arrangement with BB Group GmbH and The Rocky Horror Company Ltd.
“I see you shiver with antici…” To say that Richard O’Brien’s musical play (1973) causes a shiver of anticipation would indeed be an understatement. With the release of its film version two years later, this traumatizing and dizzying roller-coaster ride through science fiction, glam rock, pornography and horror film aesthetics irrevocably became an iconic hit.
Salzburger Landestheater / Schwarzstr. 22 / 5020 Salzburg

So who is this Lost Generation? Who were they?
It was the art historian Rainer Zimmermann who coined the term “missing” or “lost” generation in 1980. He sees here a parallel to the concept of the “lost generation” of which Hannah Arendt and Gertrude Stein wrote in connection with the American writers of the 1920s. Zimmermann was referring to artists who were born between 1880 and 1915. Artists who attained a certain fame and recognition in the early 20thcentury, and who came from all corners of the Weimar Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They were artists whom the Nazi regime refused to accept, denouncing them instead as “degenerate” and ostracising them, either because of their background, their faith, their political attitudes or one of many other reasons. Their works were destroyed, sold abroad, or – if they were lucky – hidden away and preserved. Their names are largely unknown today, as are their works. Their names are largely unknown today, as are their works. This collection is now bringing them back to life.
The collection comprises some 300 works, most of them oil paintings.
The elegant exhibition rooms let us peek into the extended living room of the collector Prof. Dr. Heinz Böhme. It exudes a cosy ambiance that invites one to linger. There are comfortable lounge areas, tables and stools that offer one the opportunity to sit and study the extensive literature around one.
Opening hours Thursday and Friday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free, donations requested.
Museum Kunst der Verlorenen Generation / Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 12 / 5020 Salzburg

until 14.06.2020: From Bernini to Rubens. Roman Baroque from the Rossacher Collection
“Rome is regarded as the birthplace of the Baroque, the last art movement to spread throughout Europe. The Rossacher Collection includes some sketches for paintings that were to become key works of this period. Works by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) and his studio are represented as well as by his competitor Alessandro Algardi (1598-1654). A design by Peter Paul Rubens (1580-1640) shows his most important Roman mission.”
DomQuartier Salzburg / Residenzplatz 1/Domplatz 1a / 5020 Salzburg

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